My Baby

I have been an author for as long as I can remember. A romantic to the core, I ultimately find my greatest pleasure in making everyone else's life easier and happy. Sometimes, this comes at my own expense. Giving and giving without any refilling can ultimately exhaust you, not to mention your emotional and financial resources.

My children are my greatest achievement and their happiness will always be my medal. Their successes are theirs, alone, and my only care is that they succeed in living their authentic self. Giving to them is my motherly duty and I love them wholly. Their father and I chose to bring them into this world.

My happiness is no longer on the back burner. I continue to fight the "guilt guidelines" I was raised by to reach my personal goals in life and love.
Opening this site is like an uncorking of a shaken champagne. It will be full of stories, ideas, misses and gains. Some will be raw and some may be cold. There is a line of nature vs nurture here. There is a line of faith vs religion here as well. I have met so many souls along this journey, so many have inspired me and so many have taught me lessons.

If this speaks to your soul and you can relate, or you completely disagree, respond to me. I only request that all remain respectful.

Love your self more today,

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