Your Gut is your Guide Baby–You Aren’t Crazy

How many times have you watched the news or an episode of Law & Order SVU and one of the victims will make the statement "I just had this feeling……"
How many times has it happened to you? That little voice or pang in your core that says something is "off" or "Danger Will Robinson!!!" In any situation, it doesn't have to be crime related (just saw that on a rerun), we question that voice. Sometimes we ignore that voice. Other times, someone else makes us think that listening to that feeling, pang or voice means that we are "insecure" or, God Forbid, crazy. Usually, the latter person's credibility or intentions are in question when those kind words are dropped on you.

But, think back on your life, when did you know something before it was actually known? How many times have you thought to yourself "Damnit I KNEW that was going to happen…." I'm certain you can say more than a few for every century you've been here. It's called "intuition."
"—A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning."

Yep. It's a thing. Paying attention to our feelings and how situations and people make us feel does not make us crazy, it makes us strong. It's warding off danger instead of walking into the eye of the storm. It's taking another path because the hair on your neck stood up when you passed someone sitting in their car in a parking lot. It's walking away when we feel threatened.

It's feeling a not-so-great feeling and choosing to talk about it and fix it. Fixing things means that they aren't broken or damaged any more. Fixing things means that there won't be any more discomfort. Being quiet and leaving something to fester is not a fix. If you have an issue within yourself, you talk to a doctor or specialist. If you have an issue with someone else you talk with them about it. It's called "adulting." I'm not going to swallow my pain because you're uncomfortable. I'm
Uncomfortable when I'm
In pain. If communication is good, all can be turned around Or is a result of a misunderstanding. Whew, that was nice!

But, if it doesn't get fixed, and you still have those pangs inside, choose another path. No matter what someone tries to
Tell you, listen to your gut, every time.
You've never been crazy and you ain't startin today.

You can do this because you love yourself more today-

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