Sowing the seed…..oh, you didn’t plant any?

There comes a saying, passed down through the ages….”you can only reap what you sow.” In money, friendships, love and retirement (not the same as “money”) there will only be a return if we have invested something in said venture.

Now, is it prudent that we, as consumers, throw it all to the wind and wish that there will be enough some day for us to have a savings, a friend, a lover or a retirement if we do nothing to nurture that pasture now?

No. In fact, if you are throwing your future to the wind, you are certainly dumping roundup on your said “pasture.”

The love we feel for ourself today will absolutely determine what’s ahead of us in that department. If we only love ourselves as part of a couple, we are shorting ourself the greatest love of all. We have to be certain of our own worth as an individual before being anyone’s partner. If you’re “partnering” with someone who breaks you down or makes you question yourself, silently show yourself to the door and get away from the toxic behavior. Trust your gut enough to know that the issue is with them, not you. You are way too good for that.

Love that temple you call your own. Invest in your happiness and the rest will follow.

Love yourself, Period!


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