In the Midst of Devastation…..take Care of Yourself and your People.

There is a current feeling of anxiety at paralyzingly high levels. With the current devastation of Texas, watching such loss happen to so many innocent people is heart breaking. What can I do? How can I help? What if this happened to my family?

Unless you are turned off to the world, you have experienced 2 acts of terrorism, another nuclear war threat to our country and continuing natural devastation to our southern friends and families. In the past 2 weeks alone. 2 weeks. 14 days. The emotional and physical stress that occurs from these events alone can kill someone. Yet we’ve endured 4. That’s not counting what is happening to us in our personal lives….jobs, relationships,illnesses or other issues. My stressors aren’t your stressors,granted, but all of these outside tragedies are taking things to a new level. Alcohol and Xanax are flying off the shelves in record time.

How do you prepare, but more importantly, how do you pre-care?

You can help the victims. You can send money, diapers, bandages and water. You can pray….pray for the strength and comfort of people who are, undoubtedly, questioning their belief and overwhelmed by their losses.

But for you, and your family? Your people? You can care. Care hard. Whether by praying as a family or by sitting together to send $10 through the internet, show your family that you care. I remember one of the most terrifying things to me about 9/11 was how I was going to tell my boys, ages 5 and 8, when they came home from school that day. The school would not release them to their frantic parents until the 3:00pm bell. Thank God they made that decision. It gave me extra time to plan the discussion. Undoing the safety and telling your children that there are bigger bullies than the playground is a daunting task. Making them understand, feel and talk about their emotions help them to deal with the stressors. That was an awful day and the innocence was scarred. The discussions didn’t end there, the lessons evolved and the awareness continues.

I don’t agree with sheltering children from pain or tragedy. Showing children how to cope and find strength in their family and loved ones is a tool we place in their belt at a very early age. Of course there are age appropriate considerations, but talking and coping together as a family is key.

There is a quote out there from someone in the midst of Hurricane Harvey saying “my God is good..”….. all he has is a backpack and his child’s hand in his own.

Someone responds with “no God ….would ever unleash this on his people….”

The believer responded with “in the midst of an impending civil war, my God found a way to bring his people all back together……”

Love your people hard today and every day. Do not take them, your health, home or anything for granted. We are all susceptible to stress, pain and unimaginable loss. Don’t turn away, turn towards.

Love your people most today,


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