Authenticity….as a Verb

Realizing and projecting our true self on a consistent basis is a difficult task. Turning the mirror, or the iPhone Camera, towards ourself, up close and personal can be terrifying and enlightening all at once.

My double chin in a selfie is not my biggest concern anymore. Maybe it should be….

Anyway, I made myself a promise not too long ago……I am going to stop trying to change or stifle myself to make others more comfortable in my life. Specifically, I’m going to do my damnedest to live authentically every day.

1. My Emotional Maturity. Are there some days that it’s just too hard to put those feet on the ground? Hell yes. My best days start when I get good sleep (selfish), turn off my phone (rude), lay out my clothes before bed at get to gym at 5:30 to claim myself invincible. See? I put myself first before I had to deal with anything else. Mindset over matter. I have to give myself that edge. That said? I’m still in my pjs today…..but I’m hitting it hard tomorrow because I don’t like this feeling. I fall off that wagon, but I know there’s a tire on the side that will help me get back on. The gym for me is more about endorphins that make me happy then becoming a fitness model. The latter ain’t happening.

2. My Appearance. “I’m a Pretty Girl.” This is hard. It’s a hard thing to not compare yourself to others and critique your physical attributes. I know that smiling makes me happier which in turn can radiate beauty. Plus, I know that by continually being positive and giving to those in need makes me happy….so…..yes. I have made my health a priority which is making me physically and mentally stronger. I will continue to try and love this temple that I live in enough to make her as strong as possible.

3. My Mom-ness. “I’m a great Mother.” Somedays I suck at it. Royally suck at it. Look, it’s #3 where it should be #1 on all Mommy lists. Truth? If you don’t come to terms with taking care of yourself mentally and physically, there’s no possible way you can be a good mom. That kettle has to be full in order for you to give out the level of care & love a child deserves. “Love don’t cost a thing…” BS–Love does cost a thing…..and that thing is momma taking care of herself. There is no greater accomplishment than my kids. They know it too.

4. My Friend-ness. “I’m a good friend” Debatable. I can’t be the judge and have let people down, to say the least. I heard somewhere that if, at any given time, you have 5 people that you could call for any emergency, any time, you’re lucky. I think I have 4 now. Sometimes, a good friend lasts forever, sometimes they don’t. It’s ok. Keep moving and you may come back together.

5. My Intelligence. “I’m the smartest girl I know.” Truth? No. But I tell myself this everyday. Reinforcing the positive and seeing yourself as your BEST SELF can only propel you forward. I try to be the first person to admit when I don’t know something, and that I’ll look it up and get back to someone about it when I have more info. I can’t stand the “one uppers” and the bs’ers… can tell they aren’t listening and are thinking of what they’ll say next. I don’t care anymore about who has what, knows who or has been where. If it made you a smarter person? Awesome. If you’re just trying to tell me you’ve lived better than I have? Pound sand. Bring me your knowledge .

Listen > Talk. Makes you smarter every time.

This is a short week. Try putting yourself first for the next four days and see how your days turn out. There really aren’t excuses. You can go to bed earlier to get up earlier.

Walk down the block and run back. Do something for your peace and strength.

You will be so much better off….Your patience with the kids, your self awareness and your understanding of the unthinkable.

Love yourself most this week so you can love your people better and harder.


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