Sifting through needs vs wants….trusting your heart or your head?

Shifting into Pre-Empty Nester mode has brought on a flurry of anxiety and self imposed pressure. What does my next phase hold for me? What should I be doing daily to ensure success in any area of my life? There are only so many hours in a day and 50

Is looming large. Things to do …. so many things to do.

I’m constantly reminded of two of the most precious elements of life…..our time here and our health. Working 8-10 hours a day in cancer research can give you an edge and urgency that some people don’t understand. Cancer picks and chooses who it wants, I’ve always personified it as Heath Ledger’s Joker in my mind…..evil.

I used to work with pediatric cancer patients in the hospital. People always say, “I could NEVER do that…..” or “it takes a special person….” and to those I respond “No, I’m just as special as you are…..those kids taught me how to live.” I never met a child in that unit, and I took care of some unruly teens, who spent their time feeling sorry for themselves. They were always hustling me to finish my work so they could get back to the task at hand….their life. “I need to be done because it’s my day for show and tell….” “I can’t come in then because I have Homecoming….” “can I get these down in the playroom? I want to see my friend….” Yes, it was an HONOR to be in their presence, out of the mouths of babes comes truth.

We become hardened by losses. Broken hearts and egos form a different attitude in adults. I am not saying we all need to revert to childlike behaviors, we’d be fired from our jobs, but I am saying we need to pay more attention to what makes us feel good. If you knew your expiration date, would you live your life differently than you are right now?

As you finish your week and head into the weekend, don’t load your schedule with errands and home tasks that need to be done. Those things will always be there.

You and your health won’t always be here.

Find something, at least one thing to do, that brings you true joy and a huge smile to your face and take the time to enjoy it this weekend. You need it!



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