Why is it that I look for (and expect now) the most challenging situations to engage in?

The mind continues to search for the comfort of the familiar. The heart follows suit and breaks in the same patterns, but more pieces, than the previous time. Why don’t we learn from the past and pay attention to the flags? No one is perfect, but there are certainly some that are sweeter than others. When that sweet one comes around, are we re-wire-able? Can we learn to accept the sweet when we are so used to the challenging?

There is a lovely tale of the person who gives too much.

……She is kind beyond your worth because she sees in you what you cannot. She gives you more than most have or will, not because she wants a return, but because she respects you and thinks you deserve it. She is not naïve, she has been hurt badly before. Regardless, she gives her love fully. But, when she’s decided that the traits she thought she saw in you aren’t there anymore? She will turn and walk away, wishing the best for you but knowing there’s also better for her………

But……if there’s a sweet one who appreciates her and cares for her, can she accept him? What does that scenario look like when she’s used to walking away?

I still believe in the partners. I believe in the happiness that comes from of taking care of someone because you want to, not have to. I believe in the inside jokes and the secret ass grabbing and laughing.

Getting someone.

I also know that there is no greater feeling, almost super power like, than someone beside you that cares as much for your success and smile as you do for his.

Do not ever be ashamed to love with all that you are. Give 110% and be proud that you do it.

Some day, and it’s coming, you will feel it coming back to you.❤️


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